Mark Purcell, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist


Knowing that you or someone close to you needs help, is often only half the battle towards lasting change. Figuring out where to get the proper resources, and navigating the different systems can be a daunting and often frustrating process. Workshops and groups can provide some of the necessary skills and tools to promote positive change. Coordinating services with other agencies can also provide the additional support needed. We hope that the some of the services and resources listed here can help you navigate your path to personal well-being.

Workshops & Support Groups

As a Psychotherapist and Training Specialist, Mark has conducted numerous workshops and groups to support parents and adolescents. These have ranged from psycho-educational workshops, to in-depth skills-based groups. He is available to teach workshops on prepared topics, or can consult with parent groups to develop a customized workshop or support group.


Mark has also developed and led several skills-based groups for teens and their families. Mark has led specialized workshops such as DBT skills groups to expressive arts workshops such as community mural projects with youth.


Below are some of the different types of workshops and support groups Mark has led for parents and youth.


Select Workshops Offered for Parents:

Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Parents

DBT Multi-Family Skills Group - 24 Weeks

Substance Abuse & Dual Diagnosis

Substance Abuse Family Support Group

Social Skills for School-Age Children Workshops & Parent Support Groups

Understanding Attention, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Adolescent Issues: Normal Development versus Causes for Concern

Positive Discipline and Behavior Management for Difficult Behaviors


Select Workshops Offered for Youth and Teens:

DBT Skills Group for Teens - 24 Weeks

Substance Abuse Education and Support Group

Therapeutic Arts Mural Projects with Teens and Children

Violence Prevention Workshops


Case Management 

In addition to therapeutic services, many clients need assistance navigating the complicated systems which they may be involved with. These may include the educational system, legal involvement, and systems of psychiatric or substance abuse treatment. Mark's experience in community mental health has provided him with extensive experience navigating these systems and advocating for the needs of many clients. As part of his psychological services, Mark can assist clients and parents to better understand these different systems of care, and advocate for the most appropriate type of services.



Psychiatric Services

It may be very difficult to determine when you, or someone you care about, may require more intensive psychiatric services. Mark has provided psychological services to youth and adults with severe psychiatric diagnoses and collaborated with mental health service providers and hospitals. Due to his involvement with these service providers, he is able to advocate for the appropriate type of psychiatric services for my clients. Mark can help individuals and families navigate the mental health system so that each client receives all the necessary services to get healthy, function within the community, and remain safe.




Educational Services

Identifying the appropriate educational needs for your child, and insuring that they receive the necessary services can be challenging. Mark can provide assistance by advocating for your child's needs at Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, consulting with teachers, or special education specialists. Additionally, he can conduct comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations to identify your child's learning challenges and make recommendations for specialized educational services. Often, having a professional involved throughout this process can insure that schools are providing the necessary educational support for your child to learn and succeed in school.



Legal System

Many of the clients Mark has worked with have had some involvement with the legal system, including Juvenile and Family Court, as well as the adult legal system. Most individuals and parents are unfamiliar with these aspects of the legal system, and can become overwhelmed trying to navigate this system. Mark has experience coordinating services for clients involved with various parts of the legal system. He is able to provide therapeutic services and psychological evaluations for individuals who may be incarcerated. He is also able to attend court hearings to present psychological evaluations and advocate for appropriate services. Additionally, he can provide legally-informed therapy and case management services to clients so that they are able to comply with mandates established by the courts and probation.



On-Line Resources

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Chronic Fatigue

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Mindfulness & Mind-Body

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Suicide Awareness and Hotlines

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Local Resources - Bay Area Recommended Psychotherapists and Agencies

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